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G Earth

Im gettting nostalgic, or as Rexzilla says "getting a warm, fuzzy feeling" just by looking at Delhi, IMI, Adhchini, TC's (Ah! TCs), KAtwaria Sarai, PVR Saket, navigating down the road, JNU, using Google Earth.

Calcutta resolution is bad, and they shot it at dusk...no clarity. same goes for Ahmedabad. But delhi is crystal clear to the detail of the cars on the road.

Amazing does not describe this. FUCKING GODDAMN MINDBLOWING is what this is. Since I cant say this in this propah office, i write it here.

And Damn!! Why am I so enthu and nostalgic about Delhi roads?

Ive actually marked "IMI Admin Block" and "My Room!" on my maps :)
Tags: emotional, memory

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