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Another mail, a tribute to B School

This is somethign that i meant to do for a long time, but a mail froma frnd asking for details necessitated it. brief overview, with lots more unsaid, it still is a starting point.

hi P--,
Sorry for the late ans. First of all,... .
then, you asked about my MBA.
MBA!...i did it in IMI. it was a totally different experience, and if not anything there were so many things that thinking wise there have been a lot of changes. First of all, for the first time i was staying away from home. Though I did not feel the difference, yet it was new, and i joined with so many apprehensions. Not least amongst them were the rumors that you hear outside about life in a b-school. Also, as you mentioend, i joined a week or more later because of graduation exams. i was lucky to go to an institute where frndship was prized more than anything, and there wasnt much PNPC. no backlashing, or linking up of ppl unnecessarily, except as open jokes. classes were varied, subjects I had never done, had no idea of, and where Botany made not the slightest difference. Infact ppl from commerce and other disciplines were a league ahead because there were some subjects like accuonts etc, which they alerady knew. With 8-9 subjects to be finished every 3 months, knowing a few really helped!
Studying was very different there. It was all group studies, with professor notes, and lots of books! but we hardly ever spent time in the library. or studied. i can say for sure that for none of the exams did i study for more than 4 hours! there were always surprise tests, which were important...10% each for the total marks in the subject or so. apart from that, there were projects that had to be done. real life case scenarios where u were supposed to use what u learn in the subject...either in conjunction witha company, or emni.
about life on campus. i hardly slept. went to bed at around 4am or later, and wake up by 8am for an 830am class. only sundays did we sleep..from around 6 in the mornign to 12 in the afternoon! what did we do all night? work on a project, watch movies on computers, download music, party, dance, talk, anything! there was never enough time to do everything. whatever we did seemed too little. all this still remains with me.
hunger at night was a perpetual syndrome. the mess food was good, but of course we did not like it. so we used to eat again at a dhaba outside college - aaloo and chicken parathas...made beautifully, and pretty cheap, with loads of butter, achaar and pepsi. then at 1 in the night we would be hungry, and thus go out in delhi and buy and eat something...parathas again. each paratha would be Rs 4 (aaloo) and be enough for filling u up or v long. i could barely ever finish one paratha!
int he first two months i gained 10kgs! then i stabilised... thankfully did not gain any more wt, though my eating habits didnt change, and neither did my sleeping habits. my parents were like "ppl go to hostel and lose wt!!" but p--, all the boys lost wt!!!
then after staying awake all the night we would be sleepy in class. we all mastered sleeping in class so that the professor could not make out, or we would be able to answer any questions. we had also devised some questions (survival tactic) which we could ask any professor, and it be valid. so that they thought we were paying attention ;) it was fun.
we all really enjoyed ourselves. minimal rules, freedom, responsibility, yet not too much. we learnt a lot about life, learning, and value of real frnds.
there is so much, i could go on and on, but i will not bore u any more!
this is long enough for today!
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