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For the less initiated, it is nothing less than Corporate Social responsibility. And my company decided to ride on the guilt wave and try do something about the city it is HQed in. Perhaps it became a little mandatory thanks to the govt rules, but nonetheless they made a full fledged program.

They (a designated group in charge of the project) decided to get some crucial water tanks cleaned, trees planted, children educated, hospitals given some more devices etc. the usual stuff. Then there was water tanker cleaning.
Then there was tree planting. It was specifically for women. Yeah M, it may be to promote equal opportunity, but i stil think they could have worded it so men could also join!
Anyway, we did reach after a lot of cribbing to the designated grounds (after some searching) at 830 on a sunday morning (I was contemplating calling my parents just so I could give them a shock). To my surprise the spots were already dug and manure placed. All we needed to do was to stip the saplings of their covers and place them in those pits, and pour over the rest of the mud. WE did quite well, around 90 women planted 500 odd plants, in less than 4hrs. THe weather was nice enough but it promised rain any second. There were 4 photographers, and 1 video man. So there are aruond 500+ snaps, and quite a few videos of plants being planted! (Aside - 2 videos of my hands and more than enough of snaps w me in them). Saw some of the snaps, once I get my hands on them and can upload, i will, at least some of them. Theres now a poster on the wall of the company with some of the snaps, and yes, recvd quite a few questions as to the proceedings.

At times it felt like a 'show' excersice with pits dug, etc etc, it was as if its just for show value! but then one cant do much about some things. At least it was an opportunity!

So that was the plantation activity.

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