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Ads - a meter?

Are Bigger ads= Better company?

In most cases yes. Advertising expenditure is directly related to the profit/sales of a company in the present business model scenario, what with every company wanting more of the consumer/customers mind share. the best way of assuring that seems to be to assure your customer sees your name every few minutes, apart from passable quality.

This therefore means any of the following:
a) a co product is excellent, hence ppl buy, hence higher sales, hence bigger, better ads
b) bigger better ads remind pl and they buy the product, resulting in more sales, hence more bigger, better ads

where did it all begin? the product?!!

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5th Aug, 2005 03:37 (UTC)
Not always...
Remember the .com madness? When VCs were throwing money at anybody that had an idea for a website, without asking about the revenue model? All sorts of madness flourished...whether indya.com's buying up the whole front page of ToI, to Microsoft's MSN.com littering Times Square with paper butterflies, not to mention all sorts of crazy TV ads during the US superbowl (which is one of the most expensive places for TV ads).
Even with reputed companies, sometimes the hype generated by a large ad campaign tends to overplay the features of the product itself.
That they might increase brand recall is another thing altogether.
Where did it begin? The product? THe Answer is NO!! *in a JD Singh falsetto*
One of the earliest ads was a notice stuck outside a tavern in Pompeii, that invited travelers to come sample the wine. This was found among the ruins, and so far is the oldest instance of any sort of advertising.
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