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Planting Trees

planting trees
Originally uploaded by dippy.
CSR, remember? Heres one of the snaps, where all the women were made to go to a certain designated plot of land, and asked to start planting the saplings, together. This plot would be nice n pretty once all saplings become trees, and also provides a perfect opportunity for the photographers to finish a few reels/ fill up a memory card!

Wheres me? The one on the top right corner in a blue t-shirt. The girl in red is have the free Mazaa (of all things!) we were provided!

Note the men, helplessly trying to egg us on ;) unable to be a part of the 'planters' because of the photo shoot and it being a 'womens initiative' and stuff!
I refuse to post the snaps with clearer view of ppl!
PS - wish though, that I could show u the poster that was/ is brandished all over the company....

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