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Planting Trees

planting trees
Originally uploaded by dippy.
CSR, remember? Heres one of the snaps, where all the women were made to go to a certain designated plot of land, and asked to start planting the saplings, together. This plot would be nice n pretty once all saplings become trees, and also provides a perfect opportunity for the photographers to finish a few reels/ fill up a memory card!

Wheres me? The one on the top right corner in a blue t-shirt. The girl in red is have the free Mazaa (of all things!) we were provided!

Note the men, helplessly trying to egg us on ;) unable to be a part of the 'planters' because of the photo shoot and it being a 'womens initiative' and stuff!
I refuse to post the snaps with clearer view of ppl!
PS - wish though, that I could show u the poster that was/ is brandished all over the company....

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8th Aug, 2005 11:39 (UTC)
are so many people planting saplings within a few feet of each other, what if the trees grow to be very big, their branches and roots would be jostling for space, the poor things. And dips you are hardly visible, i was expecting you to be leading the charge with saplings in your hand and some more tucked in a quiver on your shoulder.. :).
8th Aug, 2005 14:02 (UTC)
Re: why
Thats what I had mentioned in my post, if u remember? and told u on phone also!
there are many other snaps where im in the forefront 'hogging' the snap. no, i dont know that woman in red. but I chose this for reasons particular...as i hinted in the commentary beside the pic, if u would take time to read it that is.
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