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A full Cycle

Today morning as i woke up, the first thought that struck me was...how similar the env was to when we shifted to this flat initially. then it struck me that should post a few blogs...its been ages, and yes, soem ppl have been ushering me to.
I looked down and saw that knee down i was swathed in sunlight, just like the good ol days, which had prompted me to change my bed location, so the sun wont be in my eyes.
I looked out on the verandah, and sure enough! there were two pigeons contemplating a flight into the room...and before i could register what was happening one came in. I just stood up for it to make its exit prompt! Infact on friday (which was a holiday here, surprisingly), i had spent quite a large time of the afternoon shooing away quite a few couples of pigeons from different parts of the house, hoping they wont make any glass item from the lofts fall and break.

Sudden realisation struck that last year, on Rakhi, we (Mand I) were in this new house. Infact, we had shifted our stuff on the day preceeding Rakhi. Friday was Rakhi (or Raksha Bandhan), and hence we have hereby completed a full yr in this new house...according to the Hindu calendar!

Cheers to that M!

PS- as to what ive been upto...well, thats another blog!

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22nd Aug, 2005 09:22 (UTC)
Yes JM... Infact the same thoughts had crossed my mind too... Its definitely BEEN one year...!!!
And as I was telling you yesterday...this is "Stadium Weather" :)
But I always feel that its been just a few months in this house... and not 1 year...how time flies...
Tumne muhe bhi nostalgic bana diya... :)
22nd Aug, 2005 09:57 (UTC)
congratulations!, so your feathered friends are back, good they will liven up your house again with their cooing and fluttering, and now your maid will not be the only one to wake you up.:)
I also notice that your listening to: field is empty, a pretty rare event. :D.
6th Jul, 2009 12:00 (UTC)
Wish You a lot......
Hey when something is done on the festivals days it remains unforgettable especially on rakhi ,Diwali, Holi etc.My neice b'day is on Raksha Bandhan and i don't forget at all to wish.Great Formula to remember the things.
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