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News Flash you said?

A piece of news, important to you, and also interesting can have so little effect in the daily scheme of things! When once it meant so much. Change in the life of a near one can actually have no immediate effect on your life, or even effect your demeanor. There can be no one to share your joys, apprehensions or sorrows with, some one who will understand it similarly that is, and so you cant really share it with any one.
How some piece of news you are bursting with cant be shared or make an indent in the life of the person next to you...not detectable that is! Queer how we move along and slowly become so alone!

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6th Sep, 2004 01:27 (UTC)
I remember the first time I thought about this-under rather sombre circumstances. I'd gone with a friend to see his dad who was critically ill in hospital. As we reached there, we were told he'd passed away. While I sat along with my friend and consoled him, it struck me later, as we were leaving, when I came out onto the street, that life would always go on as usual, and no sort of personal tragedy or incident, however significant it may seem to those concerned, was going to affect the rest of the world in any way.
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