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Still Life

I turned my head, and saw the apple on my desk.
Beside a small white cardboard box f samples. resting ona blank A4 paper.Shining on one side. And then, i looked at it.
It is biggish, red in colour..with the umbilical chord marking away from me, shining palely in the diffused white light, giving it two shadows.
Artistically nature has given it streaks of green and red, as if its a green apple on which someone has taken a thin brush and made a few idle strokes, running down, with liquid paint, running paint. Some of the streaks reach the bottom, while the rest get lost midway, or merge with another stream. There are darker and lighter shades of red, like when the paint dilutes....and there are places where there are short red strokes, towards the bottom of the apple...
It is at times like this I wish I could just take a photograph and put it up. But, the research center doesnt allow cameras...in any form.

I understand why painters paint still life.
I understand again how miraculous and careless a painetr nature is, and all those 'awesome' and too good to be real paintings are actually so true!

and then again...perhaps if I wouldve put up a snap of the apple, you would have never understood what i saw in that moment.
Tags: daily, general, wonder

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