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Comfortable Silences

Everyone has faced the wonderful feeling when one sits alone, at a window sill, on a terrace, on the empty beach, on a mountain path, on a train journey, ... somewhere where it is bliss to be alone.
The moment may be one where you are thinking, or where you are just sitting. It is the time when Time is yours. To do what you please.

There are some people with whom you can get the same feeling. Where the two (or more) of you are sitting/ standing/ working/ watching/ whatever. And there is no need for words. Or actions.
Each is lost in their own world, and the other is not offended/ effected by it. It is about sharing Time, but not sharing it in actions.
It is about being alone and sharing that feeling with someone.

We all know about 'pregnant silences'. We all know about 'expectant silences'.

Tarantino gave us a word for the opposite. Comfortable Silences

It can be with very few people that one can get it. The need for talking goes. There may be a lot of things which can be said, but there is no need to say the same. They will be said some other time.

As Mia said "Thats when you know you've found someone special".

PS: Inspired by music of Pink Floyd, one of the few tunes which inspire CS.
PPS: Written a few days ago, unable to post it
PPPS: This is not an ode to Tarantino / Pulp Fiction. It just happened that i found the right words in what has been said there, and used the same
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