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Ode to 'Dippyblogs'

Some days ago, when I had not posted anything for a long time, I had thought of a great many things to write about.
I had thought I will write how it was in TRC, what I am doing, what I plan to do... and howit will help me.
I had thought I will write about how bleak working here was without music, and how I felt better the day I got my headphones.
I had thought of writing about some small incidents, joyful or thoughtful.
But these I had thought.

When it came to writing, I didnt write about any of the above. I wrote about an apple.

Last night I thought about writing of something...and I do not remember what.

All that I know is, I write here, and it is nice. The reason it is nice is because this is the place where I am documenting what my life is like. A time capsule. I can go back to these pages and read about myself few years from now. I will know what I wrote about, why I took certain decisions, why I did what I do, and why I will be what I will be.

This site will be a reservoir of memories, a place where I will come back and visit what I am - my life, with its revelries, my life with its petty sorrows and joys. What moves me, and what leaves me unaffected.

Years from now when my lifestyle will be different from what I am now. When I may no longer be single, or sharing an apartment with another single woman, when I will no longer be 24, or working in Ahmedabad, when I will no longer life a bohemian life. That is when I know I will think about and remember this life. That is when I will treasure these posts the most.

I know...because my written diaries are not enough about my school, college and post grad lives. Memories modify, and are patchy.
This, will be a document...a snapshot.

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3rd Sep, 2005 12:26 (UTC)
Very true
But I'd also recommend you back up your blog on your own..don't count on LJ being around forever. Sash knows of some tool that does the job.
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