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Sorcery and the rest - and Me

Getting in touch with my spiritual/emotional/mental/...Other side.

As many who know me are aware, I was an avid palmist during my graduation days. Right from collecting hand prints, to being able to read a hand in almost one pasing glance (for strangers u see)... i did it all. THere have been incidences where I was with a frnd in a book store, where a perfect stranger would approach me, and I would read his/her hand, and be accurate. (How would they approach me? That is another story :) I was 18/19 then)
I never predicted the future in terms of wealth/ career. More like what the person is like and what s/he could be.
[Yes, M, yes, Sash, i know you also dabbled in it like me]

I always wanted to do some other things: handwriting analysis, signature analysis, face reading, tarot reading....and Tantrism.

Signature analysis I learnt, and used to limited extent. Everyone in my batch in B-school knows my ability to replicate by hand anyones signature (esp for class). This was to an effect thanks to signature analysis and also handwriting analysis (which I did dabble in, though was unable to in details).

Numerology and sun signs didnt attract me too much, and still dont.

Tarot reading was always calling. But i never bought a pack somehow.
Yesterday, there was a freind here from Bombay, and he wanted to give me a Bday gift. We went to Crossword, and looking at all the books, i somehow wanted something different from the usual books. Ended up buying a tarot pack. And im as happy as can be.
Now to fnd the time to inculcate it and see how good I am with it.

Meanwhile, last week I did some research, and have enrolled to Tai Chi class...every weekday, morning 630am. Today was a class. And it was interesting. If not anything, it will make me wake early (and be awake by the time i reach office), and force me to sleep early.
Tai Chi as you must be aware is a meditation form. It was devised by Chinese monks when they found that sendentary meditation caused them body harm (they were becoming bulky, and unfit). Later, it evolved into a form of martial arts, but a little different from Karate etc. It does not use linear motions or force. For me, I am interested only in meditation.
The guy who teaches us (2 of us in this batch) also practices aura healing. And we did a little of that also (Tai Ci and aura healing are a little linked...both talk of energy outside the body)...and he tracked my auras. Outer, Inner, and Mind. Well, both of who had gone had unusually high aura ranges, with my inner aura (personal space) being pretty big.

So now, here I am. Did I ever say that as a kid I had once wanted to be a witch? This was after looking at a cover article on a Bengali lady dubbed Indian Witch. Ipsita Roy Chakraverti. (Incidentally, her daughter shares the same name as me. And I have not met any person with the exact same name as mine). But that was a long time ago, and I have not thought about becoming a witch after that.

But I find all this is interesting.
I may say that I do not really believe in predictions. I believe one can change ones fate/ future with ones actions. There are a large number of options in front of me, but what I become is because of who I am, not what was written i destiny. If im working in a pharma company as a manger, and not doing research here as a scientist, it is because I made that choice at a certain point in my life, where I changed my fate. and my 'predictions' are based on this. I tell everyone I meet/ read for this exact thing... in different ways, so they can get an idea of what Im saying.

I do not really believe that anybody can make a future prediction. It is just flimsy forecasting, based on what I am today. and if someone does predict for me, I hear, find it interesting, but dont really believe it. Queer eh? Since i myself indulge in Palmistry etc? Well, thats how it is. Perhaps this is my research stage, and sometime later in my life I will be in a position to comment on it, its truth, validity, etc.

As of now. Well, I find it interesting. I find humans interesting, and like to study Human Nature (as I call it). I think Sash, M, and some other frnds of mine will agree that if I think about them, I am mostly correct about how a person will act, or behave, or is like.
Perhaps thats what helps me in becoming an Agony Aunt of sorts, till I draw the line. I find personality tests and the rest interesting. I am sure many other ppl do too.

A spilling of parts of my gut. Ill take it up some other day, when I have progressed more with Tarot.

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5th Sep, 2005 06:01 (UTC)
Yes D...I found it very intersting,as u had predicted ;)
Palmistry, like you ,has interested me since I was a teenager. And I agree with you, that "predictions" are based on actions. Its all because of what you do and what you decide at a certain point of time.
Even i was excited when you got that tarot pack yesterday, though it has never attracted me too much. I would like to indulge in astrology and astronomy though.
And you remined me yesterday that I havent learnt more in palmistry after my graduation... looking forward to buy a book now...may be a gift from my bro. :)

5th Sep, 2005 08:11 (UTC)
thats the secret of having to wake up at 6:30 and all the talk about getting into a routine... :D..I know about your interests in the spiritual and i share some of them too and a bit more on the occult side, though strictly academic in purpose, i have dabbled in palmistry more initially as a populist vocation than serious, but in later years i found that some of my predictions were bang on target, and was shaken thoroughly in one incident, i also subscribe to the zodiac and its predictions, though my rational mind tells me in no uncertain words that there isnt possibly any way in which two stars in the sky can influence my life..but then why not?.. Auras have always interested you, i know and i can guess you must find this new vocation very interesting and it doesnt surprise me that your inner aura is so large..
Post harry potter being a witch/wizard is the in thing, and i guess people wouldnt mind if u went around brandishing a nimus 3000 broom in office.would look quite fetching also. :D kidding ya.. I m glad that you are returning to ur crazy self.. Go on.. indulge..
5th Sep, 2005 08:12 (UTC)
Re: SO!
that was me!..posted anonymously by mistake.. bad internet connection BAH!
5th Sep, 2005 08:19 (UTC)
Re: SO!
yep. guessed twas u.
well, this wasnt really the reason behind the talk of routine. More independent a thought.
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