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While forwarding a document for the nth time now, IT suddenly struck me. This famed poach is one of the biggest bottleneck I have encountered in the past few months. Hence...

It has been my experience in the past yr or so (i cant say i have an experience of more than that now) that ppl who leave jobs from good companies and join at high posts, cannot deal with it. they become insufferably high headed and uppity nosed...and in 9 cases out of 10 dont know what they are talking about, not in the reference at least. Close minded, they keep referring to the old compnay system, for they cannot adjust to change, and being the person in charge in a new system, rather than being a junior in an old system where someone u dint ever see made the rules. These ppl keep up the useless parrot cry "we never did it this way, in my old company such-and-such we used to do it this way" not keeping in mind that the requirements would be quite different, and so would the systems in place.

High headed, these ppl are diffuclt to bring down to earth to the immediate problems, and unfortunately, maybe through no fault of theirs or the companies, its a loss of company resources. The toughest part is to decide whom to blame...the old compnay whose SOPs have so deep an impact on their employees, the ppl who are soo averse to change yet think so greatly about themselves or your company which has selected such ppl or which (if u go by the comments) does not seem to be upto the mark.

But what would work be like if we did not have influx of such people on a periodic basis? People who complain about the systems thus making one realise the gaps and keeping u open to change. Perhaps they are the 'reminders' and the ones who'll always be there to force you to change (unwittingly perhaps) - the ones that Tom Peters has talked about...without them realising it! Perhaps without knowing it, one day I'll be part of this bandwagon! ;)

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14th Sep, 2004 09:04 (UTC)
You're talking about me! Yes, you are! I am exactly this kind of person-not that I've joined at a 'higher' post though. But I do find this place sucky compared to the place I worked as a software programmer before MBA. And the one thing that grates the most is-the total detraction from my philosophy of laissez faire-nothing about an employees dress code (unless he's meeting clients) or his office timings should matter so long as the work done is proper and timely. This and several other things-make me feel my old place was worth a million bucks. Unfortunately, this place has seen plenty of arrivals and departures, with people leaving mostly for the same reasons, and there doesn't seem to be anything happening to prevent that. Ah well. Plus ça change, plus c'est la meme chose...
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