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I dont know why

Most people have the preconcieved notion that me, DipsC, is 'seeing' someone. I know I know, it really doesnt matter what they think, but well, it does matter to me! And especially when im such a relationship avoider, Im presumed to be comfortable and settled in a relationship with some guy...
Thats not it. Its also assumed that Im the kind who changes guys faster than I can change clothes.

And this is no new development. Im sick and tired of laughing it off and correcting people. This has been going on since the time I was of the age when ppl thought having a boyfreind was a possibility.

Who are people? My classmates...freinds (who used to think im hiding the fact from them, till it finally dawned on them it wasnt so) and in office my colleagues...and Oh! how can I forget those relatives?!

You know what the best part is? I do not...i simply do not understand the meaning of the sentence I get as a reply "Oh! really?! You really dont have a boyfrnd? How come? Cmon! Dont lie! But how come you dont have a boyfrnd?"!!!

What about me? Why me?

Tell me someone. Does the same happen to you too?
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