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HAve you seen abstract art? The painting may invoke some feeling in you, but then you see the name, and then wonder...and try to correlate your feelings with it. SOmetimes the name and the feeling you hav match perfectly. and sometimes you ahve your own thoughts and there is no comparison.
Sometimes the name is what draws you to the painting, and the actual art is disappointing. and vice versa.

What I mean to say here is the way the art is named and its potrayal is so open to the observer, that the corelation betweent he two may at best be non-existent.

I think the same can be extended to lounge/World Music. The names of the songs will be interesting (Omar Faruk, Whirling, Sufi has nothign to do with Sufi music, Tabla beat Biotech has nothing whatsoever to do with biotech.) and the music nice, but not quite what I expected eg. A french name and Arabic Music...both nice, but not related in my mind. Something that causes me 'cognitive dissonance' at least for a while.

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