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Amazing weather outiside. Since yesterday. Its been pretty cloudy for the past few days. (by the way let me know if you havent heard the song playing. Kinda like it...its from the movie Rog. More music, and lounge kinds. 'Sufani')
Its been raining here since morning...more like fine rain. Small drops, high wind. Awesome. Not the dreary rain..but the energetic kinds. Not the passionate kinds, the wind is not too strong. and the drops are nto big. but nice enthusiastic kinds...and not too dark. I like it. What am I doing in office on a day like this? Well, i dunno ;)
Middle Trouble
A few days ago, I was thinking..its the 'middle' guys who always get stuck. Or rather, the ones for whom one cannot have any definitions. Lets take some examples.
Companies: Large sized companies have well defined roles, and expectations to live upto. They either are expected t continue the way they are, or do soemthing drastic. Small companies are small enough to manaeg change. They can be innovative, adventurous, or rigid. Middle sized companies ont he other hand are too large to be experimentative, and too small to manage to hang on to a certain system in all its rigidity (if they do manage, they lose out on some other front and are blamed as not being flexible enough).They become what they are "stuck in the middle".
Morals: Society I mean. upper class is devoid of morals. They are too bored to follow any. Lower classes are, well, too disillusioned with life to have any. Middle class doesnt know where to draw the line.
Children: Older one is the oldest in the family, and the pathbreaker. THe youngest is the Dahling. What about the mid-kid?

Middle leaves you feeling unmoved. Average marks. Average looking. Average performance. Average gains. Average losses. IT is the bulk. It is the mass(es). It is the un-noticed.

Flitted Back
Back to today. I noticed my fingers today morning while typing...and suddenly realised the nailpolish i had applied a few days ago (4-5) was a light brown in colour - kind of skin tone. Today as I looked, it struck me that my nails were Pink. A nice rose-pink. ANd the nail polish is of a reputed company, and cannot have got spoilt or something. Perhaps soemthing to do with the flames M and I touched some time ago. Unless Whiskey intake does that to ur nails ;) [if so, never noticed this before]. Well, whatever, it is interesting.

Yay! tomorrow is Sunday! However, its just oneday off :( Nevertheless. It is 5 days next week.

Met quite a few ppl this week...after a lng time.
Planning to go and get that shoe Ive been meaning to for some time. Its more inetresting than good looking :) and also. I have to get the 2 CDs written from the same shop. Awesome music. Ive told the guy Ill be coming back with blank CDs. They have two back to back shops. Pretty big, one of them house stuff - heavy wood chests from olden times, bronze and brass things that u wouldnt but unless u have a lot of money, and a house to match. The other shop has all these awesomely expensive clothes and accessories (men&women) but where this shoe is residing. well. The other day I wandered into this shop with a frnd, and they were playing French Cafe music. Amazing. And then we went to the next shop (furniture)...they were playing Iron Maiden!!
And the next time I went...they were playing very nice lounge...and they have Bose speakers. Made them show me the system which was spewing out the music...an IBM comp replete with a writer. They were more than happy to have me go there and get the music written :) And hence I shall Go!!
May today be the Day :)

Meanwhile Sashdude is revelling in Blore wth the rest of our gang. While im roting in Abad. Rexzilla in Delhi tries to call, but at times when Im too tired to speak else, on the other phone, else out to dinner, else....

Well, got lots of work today. First thing in the morning was handed two new assignements. Three bosses I realised as I got that...

So back to work it is. And as a aprting shot - this is a bloody long post!
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