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Theory, 'Fair', Human Nature and Music

To begin with, an observatin or two - Violins sound good in lower pitches.
So do womens voices.
OK. Go high pitched, but be deep enough not to shriek.
Shreiking women (and violins and anything else) should be kept away from the worl of "music". Personal View there.

Music once composed belongs to the listener. As long as the composer gets enough benefit to continue composing. Copiers should just collaborate with the originator, and make successful business ventures out of it by modifying it as required. A hindi Song with good music, good tunes ...what was the need to begin with music straight off Enigma? And Enigma. Embroiled in a law suit regarding them ripping off music from some other source. TO em as the listener it barely matters who makes it except for ethicasl grounds where I would like to give credit to the original composer not someone who made a highly successful commercial copy of the same.
To make a commerical success is also difficult. But how would it have harmed Enigma (and others..Enigma is just a cse in point here) to acknowledge to the originator his gift and gift the music to the world (albeit at a price).

Another thing, why is music so enthralling in local lingo? If music can transcend all barriers, why are the masses still drawn to something made locally? An Arabic renedition of Didi by Khaled is surpassed by the Hindi version. Does this stand true in other languages also?
So this was a song with words. What abotu songs where there are no words? THere is only music. What difference does it make to anyone if Engima is singing "Sade dit moi" or somethign Japanese?

I guess Im trying to be fair here. And Fairness just does not exist in real life. Just like the definition of thickness of a line and the concept of pure black and white, it is theory, and nothing practical. IT is grey and has beadth no matter how hard you try.

The point is, how many do try? And do those who try succeed in the world which so obviously does not try?
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