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Constant Dissapointment

Electronic items are somethign that you better destne yourself to have bought 'too early'
No matter what version you buy, and when, you are always going to be behhind the latest in the market.
Technology-wise there is always a new version with a minute change. companies churning out products with minor tweaks every few weeks, faster than you will change your wardrobe! It is like they ahve these amazing options and dont know what the public will want, and come out with somethign new everyday.
And then the version that you had bought becomes 'old' or, more hurtingly 'frightfully expensive' in comparison to the new one.
This article today States clearly that DVD player prices will be coming down. Here I am, bought a new one only a month or so ago.
Then there is Rexzilla who bought a new phone, only to lament a few days ago about the newer version with freebies...though not much in value, still a deal missed.

*Sigh!* fast paced technology seems to be an understatement!

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