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As the nights of revelry have ended, so has my stamina. Continuous dancing for the past 9 days has left me a little unsteady on my feet. Calves aching, I am happy and delighted at being able to participate in this Gujju affair with enthusiasm as good as theirs. Though I bowed out of the after-dance food and drink meetings!
Durga Puja aslo ended yesterday. Infact for the past 3 days I have been going to the UPja where i partook of some awesome non-veg at the stalls and then made my way to the dance ground.
Been to CEPT throughout the 9 days, and made some frnds there.

The dancing makes you sweat, and you leave right after that...on bikes. Result. Ive got a sore throat. Very sore throat.

Now to work only. In full swing. Unfortunately. The Impromptu disc is now disbabnded. Today evening is a Bong meeting/ program, but I dont think Ill be able to make it.

Yesterday I surprised a freind with my speed. He could barely keep up at what I thought was the slow speed. :)

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