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Hectic past few days, I though ill get a rest yesterday night, only to remember that there was a Bong get-together (dancing and lots of singing followed by dinner) to celebrate Bijoya Dashami. Had a sore throat and cold, managed through the evening with a headache...was pretty decent actually. Uff! the formalities you have to go through! (VP HRs wife is bong and initiated the whole thing)
Preceeding that was a hectic day, and meeting with my Bog Boss. Went to the place directly from office, reaching somehow.

Then thought today will be better in terms of evening at home, only to remember that today is an official dinner. Sigh! When will I get to sit at home?! Not feeling too great.
Yeah...when it rains, it pours!

What i would like to do is sit in a nice couch, with a cool drink in my hand, nice music playing, and me not having to move even a centimeter for the next few hours, no phone, but someone sitting alongside me.... Vinky or someone. Where we would be silent, no need to speak.
Hmm...a Pub woulve helped, but this dratted city is dry! Reminds me of chillin out in Delhi after those hectic weeks in IMI.

PS-discovered today that I sent a Bong greeting message to my boss (US settled TamBrahm who can barely speak Tamil, forget Hindi) and managed to confuse him. He thought it was something official! "Shubho Bijoya" everyone!

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