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Life is a Dog! - a Rabid Filthy Dog

I detest I.T! and I loathe stupid Administration departments! and I hold all people who take decision on behalf of the rest of the fraternity without consulation in contempt!
now that that is over, let me tell you whats happening. slept late, was sleepy in morning. come to office and called Japan before they close shop. Am told for the 3rd time by same agency that mails have been sent to me, its not a case of no response from them. Still dont have any mails. Inform IT, upon a test chek, found that for some God Damned reason 'selective' few mails (read one or two) are making way to my inbox over the past God-knows-how-many days! and they have no way to track it! On the job they say they are now!
Coffee-my only life saver in this arid world...read it the way u want to-literally and figuratively, as well as office in context... is also now off-limits. I mean this is a bloody office or what! they remove vending machines to offer 'good' coffee, and we get stuck with caterers giving us sand colored sugar water twice a day-once in morning and once in evening. So i call and ask for more. and no. that can tbe done! they are getting a real pissed off mail from me. and a customer complaint phone call. Damn It! If you cant drink coffee in work place, what re you sposed to do! next theyll say Gujarat is dry, giving good water is difficult, dont have more than 1 litre a day from office! BAH!

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16th Sep, 2004 02:30 (UTC)
Stress relief
Visualize the following:
You're in an open meadow, with a cool breeze...
just the babbling of brooks(loud enough to drown out that of the fools nearby)
and the chirping of (feathered) birds.
You are looking down into the water..
It's so transparent, you can see things below the surface.
Like the face of the (caterer or IT guy) who you're holding down.
Feel better?

A chinaman on a train was accosted by a waiter asking 'You for coffee?'
He replies, 'No, you ferk offee,me got first class ticketee.'

Confucius say: Man who eat picture of father soon be spitting image
of father
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