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Night and Day

Then the other day the topic of sleep cropped in into conversations. As usual i guess.
Now for some statements...call them facts if you will
1. Sleep is necessary
2. It is preferable to sleep at night
3. Waking up early is generally considered good.
Now i have been an owl for quite a logntime. Infact, as long as I can remember, and evn before it (evidence can be provided in the form of MOM), I am basically a keep-awake-at-night person. Suddenly with new work environment and Tai Chi, I have begun waking at 6am (Shriek!! In Ahmedabad!!!??)
Result being, the freinds whom I have carefully culticvated over time, who share interests of mine, especially that of being awake almost all the hours I am, if not more, are now...well, confronted with Dips The Zombie!
And, I am miserably short of people to talk to in the morning, especially when I reach the bus stop from Tai Chi.
So, yesterday when I reached tai chi a good 15 mins early, sans book, I decided to make use of my phone (as usual).
Now, I had spoken to Mom only last night [Mom seems to be suddenly featuring in my blog! this is the Third mention now. Mommyy!!!] so i dared not call her. She would view (or hear) i suspiciion. Fearing a) somethign had gone wrong, b) Im trying to get somethign out of her. So I thought of all the ppl I could possibly talk to whom I havent spoken in a while, but then came the clincher...these ppl had to be <i>awake </i>!
So I thought hmm...who will be awake at 7am? A? P? who? who? D? nah...in the end, called Rexzilla...the only person who will be awake I thought. But then I had to go off for Tai chi. Then at 8am, I was faced with the same quandry. This time I did call rexzilla, for my other frnds are either (I presume) rushing around house to make it to work on time or in a Bombay Local, making it to office, or sleeping, else coochicooing with their wives. Poor RexZilla. He was driving, but i did not spare him.
Which made me remember this one frnd of mine...another Rex...Rexjournal, who would have been awake. But he is too far away, and I dont have ISD. On the other hand, RJ, is in an equal dilemna, but at the other end of the spectrum. He finds it difficult to find frnds awake at owlish hours, barring me and another frnd or two (or so he says).

So finaly. Where do I place myself? Delicately balanced at the cusp of transition between being an inherent night person to a cultivating morning person, I cannot sleep til late at night, and then wake up groggily enough in the morning. however, winters are coming, and I dont think Ill stand upto 6m wakings. It is tough enough now. I am actually seeign DAWN every day!! Sun rises after me, and it is dark when I get up. Sheesh! WHy am I puttign myself through this? Maybe because I have mastered almost 70% of basic TC? Let me see how long I manage this.

And let me see where I end up...Morning or Night?!

PS- I have this sneaky suspicion...Ill never be able to resist night.

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