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Mom arrived yesterday. To receive here I left office at 1.15pm, but still managed to miss the bus to the city! Asked a colleague to drop me till the nearest auto stand, and caught an auto home...since Mom was reaching at 3.30, and it was 2. Message from Mom: reaching at 3.
Rushed from home, reached at 3.01! Mom arrived soon after, had a nice time all evening took her to the Veg Italian food joint. Sitting in Cal she had ridiculed it too many times about vegetarian Italian. Well, she liked it. :)..and did not miss non-veg.
Today there was some important work, but then some top management guy decided we need to attend a presentation by some data service provider. Bullshit! Left mid way, and did work. result - Im more or less free for the moment :)
Will leave at 6.10 by bus today!
Boss of India on leave, Boss of USA will also be leaving his office soon for Europe ....hmmm ...like the idea :)
Looking forward to my trip to coral reef of the continental shelf of Gujarat next week, near Jamnagar. Supposed to be more beautiful than Andaman, Lakshwadeep, since it is not really promoted as tourist spot. The reef is shallow, and so u need to walk on a designated path, so as not to destroy the fragile corals. And so very few tourists - its not advertised by the Gujarat Govt, except by certain authorised tour providers (eg. the guy who told me about it - a writer for Nat Geo, Ive mentioned him earlier).
Well thats the status now. Web pages beckoning! Better surf a li'l.
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