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The Corridor

A long corridor, two women emerge, from two ends, and opposite sides of the wall. Call it coincidence, but the time of entry is the same. They dont know each other. But they are in the same building, thus making their possibility of introduction in future a high possibility. They walk down, towards each other, towards the doors behind the other.
They may not be dressed with precision, but they are dressed reasonably well.
They look at each other, dare not look at the face too long so as to necessitate a smile. Poker faced, they look ahead. Not possible. For after all, it is a long corridor, and they are the only distractions in it. Catch the other looking at her.
Window on one side, look out of it. Oh! never-ending corridor! (Its been 3-4 steps)
Turn in front again. Look at each other, and now the unavoidable happens. The appraisal. Feet up, a surreptitious but penetrating look. A look that takes in the shoes, the clothes, the fit of the clothes. The hairstyle, and the bearing. A look that may mean anything, and nothing. A sweep which tells something about the other - where they shop, approximate outlook on life, family background, way of living, married or unmarried. Information put in the mind-database. To use or not they care not.
And then they catch each other looking at the other. Look in front again, and then they cross. Pass each other midway through this 30sec long corridor.
They will not remember the incident even a minute later. Through the few steps take it was necessary not to smile. For they did not know each other. But when they see each other, and get an introduction, they will say, with huge smiles, 'Why yes! We have seen each other a few times here!'

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