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Just when things seem right...

Just when you start getting comfortable and liking your job, things have to move and shake you around. Here i was, delighted with my boss and happy with my profile. Just getting into the groove, and beginning to learn from my boss. Good work was coming my way, and I was getting good exposure, when the company suddenly decides that there needs to be someone present IN PERSON to 'guide' us. so what better than a man who is now departmentless thanks to him helping in ERP implementation. Now that project is over and he cant be demoted, thus a vacancy is created for him. So from Accounting, he comes to Marketing, that too International Operations!
Candidly through a mail from the HR VP we are told that now such n such ppl will be reporting to him! Hello!what are we? peices of furniture? Never felt the Dilbert Principle to be truer than this!
The only reason I was staying here was my profile and my boss. Now, boss is gone, so what about my profile?
Bugged early morning by this. Beginning of week by this! Damn! Now is the time I think that Fate as decided 'Enough of Amedabad for Dipta'!
So be It.

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