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Moulin Rouge

Considered one of the best painters to depict the real Parisian life of his times, the late 19th century, Toulouse-Lautrec was the originator of the idea of Moulin Rouge, the famous place in the depths of degraded Paris, and the first one to make a poster by printing and not painting...the famous Moulin Rouge poster which shows a woman doing the cancan with her foot high in the air, face not visible. A shocking poster of its times, which advertised the place as it was - a place for wine and fun...with women.
A painting of M.R by H.T.L at this link, and some more of his paintings at the link on this page: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Henri_de_Toulouse-Lautrec_049.jpg

Read the Book called: Moulin Rouge, the original, which is the life of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.


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