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Just Jazz

Found a collection of 9 Jazz numbers in one of my CDs I have burnt in varu\ious stages of my Cd writing sprees, from someone. Have been loooking for Jazz for some time now. Im interested, but the few ppl who could have sent soem to me were really clueless. Will make do with these plus the few that I had earlier, will add a few more i think...Improvise Dips!

So at last am enjoying JAZZ in office since saturday (that makes 2 days but hey! whos counting!)
Its sooooooooo smooooooooth and nice! the type of music you would like when you are relaxing, reading, with a glass of sweet red wine in one hand, mmmmmmmmm

Though of course, its OK to listen to while working also. Does not interrupt with flow of thought too much thanks to no-words.

Jazzy! or as gujjus would say - Jejjy!
Tags: daily, living

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