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PJ Time!

I got some really new and good PJs first thing in the morning today, which I think worthy of posting here. Go figure them out!

1. I will begin with the one sent by the one and only sashudude...the master of PJs. 
    A chicken and an egg are in bed together. The chicken is sitting up against the headboard smoking a cigarette.
The egg says, "Guess we finally answered that question."
2.  Then comes the old one in new clothes
      Why did the pope cross the road?
      Ans: Big deal!!! he crosses everything anyway.....
3. A vague one...
     What's the difference between a perfectionist and a drug addict?
    Ans: One leaves no stone unturned, the other leaves no turn unstoned

4. If you know any MBBS....
    If a doctor joins a software company, what will he be best at?
   Ans: 'Doc'umentation :)

5. Old one in old clothes....
    knock knock.....
   whos there?
   bu who?
   dont cry, i'll tell u later.......

6. My favorite!
     A man walked into a bar........and said OUCH!
7. Another good one
   Why are the chinese never good at warfare?
   Ans: bcos der are too many chinks in the armour...

8. To end with...something from the farm
    Why was the rooster mad?
  Ans: bcos he got laid only once, and that too by his mom!!!

Now since we are talking PJs here, how about a long story from Sashdude (again) which had elicited a lot of response from a particular mailing grp...the famous Groaner...because u just can do anything except Groan! on reading the whole thing:...................The Lobster PJ!!

Two lobsters were sunbathing on the beach. The lady lobster suggested that the gentleman lobster gets them an ice cream each. Having purchased two ice cream cones Mr. Lobster made his way back to the beach, deciding on the way to eat his ice cream.  
By the time he finished the ice cream he realized that his lady friend's ice cream had started to melt and trickle all down his claw, so he licked it up and ended up eating the whole ice cream.  
When he arrived back to the beach, the lady lobster friend exclaimed, "Where are the ice creams?"  

"Well" he said. "I decided to eat mine. Then yours melted, so I ate that too."  

His lady friend was incensed and cried, "You shellfish bastard!" 


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