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for lack of industriousness


Sashdude: what ails u dear..?

chocolate and wine....will even settle for Beer....was fantasising about Tequila at lunch time when I saw the salt on my plate and the lemon in my hand.......!!
and beer in the morning when i held my water bottle in my hand
was talking of TGIF to a sympathetic compatriot...only to realise he drinks nothing but whiskey, rum and vodca (not that i mind)
ahhhh for some liquor!
for a pub
its dark coolness

Sashdude: music!

Dips: yes that too
im in a drinking mood
thankfully theres a party today evening

Sashdude: come down to hyd, we can stayover in one of the pubs.. :D
Dips: dont say that...im very weak...ill succumb!

PS - all stated above are heartfelt and, TRUE. I mean it when I talk about my lunch plate and salt ..and lime.
Have entrusted Sash to go to the nearest pub and fulfill my wishes - surrogately
PPS - who will think on seeing me first time that im such a bevdi?
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