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Beast Wishes...?

OK...so I am not the correct person to point out typos. but this was hilarious. In a 3 line mail, i get 'beast wishes'. well..if you wish so!!
Things seem to be materialising for my trip next week to cal...some more college frnds dropping in at that time, so we plan to meet! yay!
Saw Harry Potter yesterday...a good movie after a drought of too long! It is well made. The essence of the book has been captured, while efficiently removing all that could be removed. More about the adventure and the story, the book does not really delve into the characters, and could have done a lot more with some of the characters and fine actors - Ron and the weasley brothers...and Cedric. Voldemort is good...and Im talking of the make-up here too!
All in all, a good entertataining movie, which I enjoyed, and where the special effects are good, and yeah - the director steals the show.

However, the result of the movie was ended up sleeping damn late - 3am..and waking up today was a problem. Thankfully there was inspiration to come to work - tomorrow is a holiday! Sigh! the things we tell ourselves for motivation!
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