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and some more

Whoa! Im really into this nowadays eh?!

Which Saturnalia Character are you?

I just love the aerial view at night. Just love it. Awesome.
came back from delhi after the wedding today morning, the plane was late by 20 mins and missed the sunrise, but well, saw aerial view of Ahmedabad after a long time..there were very few clouds.

Delhi looked oh-so-awesome from the air at night. And the roads (highway)of Ahbad looked great. Its amazing how the car headlights give the effect of ants...yes. At night the world looks like a bunch of industrious fluoroscent ants scurrying away in lines endlessly, while their burrows are glowing in places with the phosphuorent rays of the resting ants/ eggs.

Stayed in gurgaon with dad, attended sis wedding at faridabad.

almost all of the time went in travelling ... unless useful, i hate travel. i mean travel like 45mins on road wasted doing nothing!
barely slept. need sleep **zombie** Need Sleep.

Today will go in packing for home trip from tomorrow. I better remember all the food ive got to buy for home...khakras etc. and then Off to Holiday tomorrow afternoon!!!

Most probably wont be able to post here till after 12th...will try though, but the env at home is quite different.


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