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Musings O' Full Mind

Read that as musings Of a full mind, or ...On...

Ever noticed the level of your dependance upon daily gizmos to get thru the day? There was a time when even wearing a watch was a "wow" thing. And now, u cant step out without ur mobile...and this has the least to do with timing or important phone calls. Having a mobile allows you to have your own 'system' with you.

There was this childhood fantasy that me and my frnds had, where everything we possibly wanted could be folded into a small bag and carried around - a weightless tiny thing that could fit into any dress, any pocket, not pose a hinderance to any activity and could be made to provide anything you ever wanted at the clik of a button. THis was when TV remotes were a thing of the future. Today, less than 2 decades have passed, and it feels like such a day is not far away. It is not far when you will be able to compact your personal stuff and not only intellectual.

In fact, Today there is no need for 'personal stuff' as such, you can buy anything anywhere...but the word to note is 'buy'. Meanwhile you can carry your intellectual information compacted as per you financial status - basic info in a mobile, more info in a bulky laptop and then of course come the more modern and higher memory gadgets... but the day in waiting is when it is not SO finance dependant...(if finance is going to drive the technology, we might as well pay for it, but not through our noses)

PS- try spending a day without a mobile, your reminders, your 'contacts'...

But then what did I begin with? Yes...when i began the blog I had in mind the Capacity of the Mind of an Individual vis-a-vis his Ability to Do Things.

What did one do in the past when one had 20 things to do at different times? Make notes and keep referring to them every 20 mins? If you are very busy and engrossed, how do you remember to look at notes every 20 mins? Today we just put an alarm..a reminder and then forget about it till the reminder starts ringing. Is it that we are doing too many miscellaneous activities or is it that we have become needlessly dependant on our 'appliances' and just let rudimentary AI do the job for us. Are we too big and important to do such small things as 'remember' and live outside and beyond a specific moment. for an example to the dependant lives we live, read PPS below.

PPS-read PS above.

Perhaps what is being missed here is the importance of 'secretaries' and 'slaves' and 'ministers' and helpers in the past. They were the people who did the remembering for you. Today the basic AI does this for you - A little technical competence and... Voila! you dont need a 'person' to help you around anymore! So now, instead of hiring a person who would remember your appointments and dates, you program something to remind you. Now, it really wont do if such a thing were avaialble to all and sundry now would it? I mean, a king had ministers to remember for him and a minister had helpers. the helpers had slaves...but no helper had ministers. How do you keep up this pyramid? You develop sleeker and more and more advanced, ergo, easier to use devices....for the Financial Price.

The Unexpected Summary:

1. Dependance on AI is similar to erstwhile dependance on your employees, goodness knows what is in store for employees of the present in future...maybe an employee-a-country for a company as big as Microsoft?

2. Everything comes at a price and this equation has not been changed since time unknown. (Kings used to pay ministers and CEOs pay employees, and we all pay for gadgets). Word to be noted - 'Pay'

3. All above mean lesser people working, and more dependance on gadgets. This in turn means lesser people earn, which either means more people BPL and very few doing well, or not enough people to spill beyond the required levels.

Is THIS what happens to us humans then? will the population deplete so much by then, or do we envisage a shutdown / braking of this geometric expansion of the AI dependant system thanks to too many people to clothe and to feed and need for a stable human ecosystem? Or will Price keep up the exclusivity?

I think the answer lies in the last line.

PPPS: More on my thoughts on what a 'Human Ecosystem' is in the future...maybe....if I exist that is

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