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lotsa stuff

Kinda like this song...from the first time i heard it...the way it begins...
' Up in smoke you´ve lost another lover'

' ´
Cause love is like the right dress
On the wrong girl
You never know what you´re gonna find'

almost every line is a quote

Last two weeks was in different locations, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bombay, calcutta and back to Ahmedabad.
Now thanks to the engagements, there are treats (should i say dinners) waiting in line - 4 engagements. And there is a wedding, and a post-wedding party too. Add to that 2 birthdays, and 3 outstanding dinners. My poor stomach is going to rebel. It tried in cal, on the last day, the day i was about to board the train. but i managed to shut it up. but now i really dont know what to do. i can postpone the outstanding dinners, but cant do anything about the engagement/ marriage aprties. damn!

Its almost new yr, and no plans as of now. I have noticed, I never did manage to have a plan for 31st, till the last moment, and that too is usually because of party. No actual attraction of 'New Year'. as a kid i did try 'Resolutions' but after failing for 2 yrs to live upto them within the first week, I have strongly steered away from them. yeah...31st is a time to liven up old acquaintances, spend a lot of money on a usually overcrowded party and less than standard food, and wake up through midnight (so whats new) ...actually never quite managed to have a synchronised new yr. the party place/frnds/whoever seem to all have a different time setting!
so lets see what happens this New Year.
Now Christmas was something that we did celebrate to an extent in cal, but then onwards hardly ever. this time i mighht manage to coax one fo my frnds here to take me to mnid night mass...apparently he goes to church that one day. but again, lets see. hopefully life will be more interesting than just anotehr sunday. afterall our *stupid* co doesnt give us a hol on christmas. now that i come to it, i dont think we get any holiday at all *buggers*  :)
and cribbing abt hols after coming from a hard earned 14 day break is nice :D

wrote some in cal, will put it up soon...the day i remember to bring the scraps of paper. cal was mostly abt meeting ppl and lazing. and realising once again how worthless TV is as an invention. somebody stop those operas!!! *waaah*
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