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Song addictions - meme

day before yesterday, whil reading Alexander i mustve heard Massive Attack a zillion times, at HIGH volume. nothing better to go with the fast paced wars i tell u!
so here is a list of songs ive found myself putting on loop in recent days.
* Massive Attack - Teardrop
* Rachel Pollack - Worthy of your Soul
* Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle Without Honor or Humanity (love the opening score) - Kill Bill OST
* Dust Brothers - Where is my mind - Fight Club OST
* Aerosmith - Aint that a Bitch
* Collective Soul - Where the river flows
* The Verve Pipe - Bittersweet Symphony

Have not yet listened to the following from Dead Man Walking OST, they sounded good
Tom Waits - Fall of Troy
Lyle Lovett - Promises
might soon be addicted to them also.

So heres the deal. List at least 5 of songs you have been addicted to in the recent past - put them on unending loop.
Tags: meme, music

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