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Horrible Horrible Horrid lunch. (that not enough i think.)
Rare is the occassion I have such strong words about canteen food, but today takes the cake, bread, butter everything!
there was simply nothing to eat. The menu sounded standard/ok enough:
sarson ka saag
makke ki roti
some dal
gur /ghee
amla ka murabba

only thing edible: rice.
the dal was some brown coloured liquid without salt and lotsa masala...and remnants of dal. the 'sarson ka saag' was lots of greenery...looked like chopped up rice, cooked without anything. not even salt. no other veggie. not even curds! the 'amla ka murabba' was goodnes-knows-what. and the roti- lesser said the better...yuck! it looked like it had some filling, was def not bajra, v thick and ..well bad.
and whoever heard of diced apples and beetroot making up the 'fruit' portion of a meal?!

If this is their special 'winter' fare...ill live without it!

saving grace today..breakfast was sev-khaman...a decent light preparation, and also....yessss! its the bday of a colleague. so come late afternoon we shall gorge upon Pizza and Ice Cream!
Viva Le Birthdays!
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