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Say what ppl will, I still like this song. It may be junta, but I like it. (maybe because i havent seent he video)
Called in sick yesterday, and spent an eventful yet uneventful day. not that I actually was ill...could have easily come to work. Just that, I didnt.
Wrote something on paper, yet to trasnfer that here, along with my Cal and train notes.
meanwhile, I think Ill upload one of my old articles, which Id got published in IMI. found it in e-form at home. It got saved thru my comp's formatting,...quite a lot of data there had got lost. There were some other articles I had written earlier which were in paper form...hence not available to post here :)
As of basically at the moment im in offce, wanting to waste some time :)

Sunday was idyllic...spent primarily at home, except dinner. The cooking gas got over as the maid came to cook lunch. So there was Pizza for lunch with DK who had come over, and then dinner out.
Dinner and lunch was out yesterday too...I had soaked filter coffee, but unable to make it thanks to there being no way I could boil the milk Im sick of eating out. Had to eat out yesterday too...hopefully not today, but I have this feeling thats whats gonna happen.
lets see.
Ok then here goes. Enough ramblings here.
**Cough Cough**
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