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Another year end. Tuesday. Sunday a new year begins. Or so they say. Last year, this year, all seem so close, so intermixed. ITs only when I remember what I had reminisced about ast yr that I can say it was different from this year. Well, what happened this year? Nothing very spectacular. Absolutely nothing spectacular.
On the Job front it was not like last year, this yr was more with the same person. Except perhaps I changed my location, started reporting to another guy...yeah that was a change. IS a change I mean. My location also shifted, am in the Research Center now, and the ob offers I get are of a different type. Its funny isnt it, how enticing somethign looks till you are in it? Project amnagement is such absolute crap, and who would have guessed it was as bad as this? I actually spend doing more of my original matrketing and business developemnt stuff :) You realise thw worth of stuff later. But then, I guess its TIME now, unless these ppl give me some travel.
Personally - hmm. It was a time of change. Atanarjuat left Abad, M almost left. THere was a nwe crop of management trainees, and two of my college juniors joined - two more frnds, some sensible company in this city. Some of my frnds changed location from Delhi to blore, and one from bbay to blore. And one moved from Calcutta to USA. My first woman frnd's wedding is announced (I mean a frnd of mine who is a woman, and the first of of the kind)
So what happened in 2005? Nothing really much, It was not very eventful. Let me see. I travelled a lot. And actually gave a few interviews. Thats a change. So perhaps going by my slow and steady pace I will shift?
I see how intermingled my life is with work. I cant thingk of anything personal happening. Perhaps it hasnt, perhaps its so much a part of my work life I dont see the difference? or perhaps I just dont want to put some of the major changes down here :)
Whatever it is, this year certainly has been less eventful than last year. I think.

And yeah, Im happy enough, but somehow melancholy. Its like I have all htis energy, and nowhere to vent it. Im bored, but not sad.
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