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Sachin pase Ferrari Chhe!
Dravid pase nathi
Ganguly pase nathi!
Pati Giyo!!

[Sachin (Tendulkar) has a Ferrari, while (Rahul) Dravid and (Saurav) Ganguly dont. QED, Case Closed, End of Matter]

Proclaimed Ayan, slightly inebriated, thus sealing the fate and criteria of success of any cricketer in India.

Also one of the first sentences I heard in one of my first parties in Ahmedabad. And at that time I thought when would I own a Ferrari?!

Back to present. I had been kind and good enough to send Sash a birthday gift. Thereafter having been suitably chastised by his concience at me sending him a gift earlier even though his bday was after mine, and he had not yet sent his gift, he sent me a Mega Gift(s)

So he sent me nothing less than a 1:18 minature of a Ferrari Enzo! (Hot Wheels), not to mention the Tenth Anniversary Edition of Calvin and Hobbes. Add to that a copy of the movie Flavors - which apparently sort of manages to reflect the lives of Sash, SB, PB, AC and me to a degree...not to forget Rexzilla...and which I somehow never managed to watch.

So as of today, I own a bright red Ferrari. Move over Sachin! yeah...im still waiting for the 1:1 working model, but for the moment, Ill live with this!

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