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A time in my life

2005 ended, and how. 31st started with V coming over. it was an awesome 2 days, where we relaxed, and talked. Went out, but hardly. There was no need to fill time by going out, and doing something.
31st night was a fiasco we enjoyed. We were supposed to go to this party whose passes were with R. THen we came to know somehow we cant make it to that particular party, but to this other party where there will be a DJ, veg food, and nothing else, open air, for which they expect us to pay 1500 per head. OK so whats the crowd gonna be like? we thought. all things considered, we still went ahead coz we had promised ages ago. then the crowd happened. oh my god! GUJJU.
we cooked up an excuse and left.
i called my jrs - AG and DK, and they promptly gave up their plans (coz they sucked) and came joined us. went picked up AGs car, and decided to go this place where there was a Moroccan night on. Only thing, the clock struck 12 on the road, just after we parked. So there we were in the middle of the highway, in the parking lot, wishing each other "Happy New Year!!"
We went in, only to find the party will get over in another 30 mins. So, we left.
Pizza Hut! Hungry. Enter. Corner saet. Loads of conversation. FUn. Food.
Half a bottle of wine, music. 5am.
meeting V was like we had been spending the past yr together. Nothing to catch up, yet everythign to catch up on.
At last at 5 we thought sleep is a must, and managed to get up a lil before 12 next day.
Spent the first day of the yr loafing arnd, finally went out to eat, and then didnt stop. V shopped for wedding - clothes and shoes. then tea and a chat.
then home, went out got some snacks/sandwitches, and just talked away till it was time for hwr to leave.
Bloody flight got delayed twice. HATE that!
Seriously sorry to see her go. So was she. the two days felt like 2 weeks, yet passed faster than the blink of an eye.
slept late, woke early for office today.

Tired, tired, tired.

PS - last time I had such a good time was when all of us went to TC's in delhi. after Richards wedding. THat was a few yrs, this was 2 days.

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2nd Jan, 2006 14:27 (UTC)
awesome :)
rather smashing time what!...
btw..i hear the poor chaps are still wondering what made v so sick.. :D..
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