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keep panning in..
spoon scoops something in semi-dark.
a chocolatey brown mass.
gooey chocolate icecream.
vermicelli in it...which slip off down.
vermicelli in chocolate syrup.
swirling milky chocolate syrup.
chocolate syrup with nuts in it.
nut falling into syrup from above.
drowning in syrup.
bottom of pan and up again with convection currents
hold on to edge of pan jump over
fire under pan!
blue fire
gas burning from small orifices
yellow orange specks in blue flame.
sudden spark
sharara (spark of flame) flies high in air
spark vanishes
air becomes grey-black again
room with a bluish - reddish glow by the fire light
another spark
ride the spark
fligh high!
it turns to cold ash
flutter down
large expanse of almost-nothingness
some grooves and ridges
shining, slippery
loud splatter!
drop of thick syrup
thick hot syrup
no respite

see the body lying there
why am i panning away
a drop of chocolate on the floor
a semi-lit room with cooking gas on
a pot of chocolate brewing
a human body pouring chocolate syrup on block of ice cream
a hand comes and wipes away the chocolate from the floor
sudenly im outside the house
into nothingness.........
Tags: global, interest, poem, wonder

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