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Ze Beeg Attack!

I had heard a lot about the video of this song, esp from V. So today a little search on the net yielded me the video put up on a live stream here.

Yes, the picture of hte baby in the womb in captivating, but it was quite different from what I had expected the video to be. In fact, it becomes quite mediocre, after the first bit, and shows two couples - one yielding the other, and one from childhood...and perhaps the cycle...going back to the birth...the child in the womb. But I did not get much else.

The song sort of retracts with the video, I had imagined the song itself as more on the lines of te song, a little vague, no concrete pictures, but no theme either. for after all does it not begin with

'Love is a verb,
Love is a doing word,
Feathers on my breath'

Which now brings me to the topis of fav videos. In IMI i rememeber we used to always play the following 5 videos, and they are perennial favs (not in order):

  1. Duran Duran - Come Undone
  2. Richard Marx - Hazard
  3. R.E.M - Losing my Relegion
  4. Madonna - Like a prayer
  5. Enigma - Return to Innocence

Apart from these, I would like to mention as my all time favs:

  • Fat Boy Slim - amazing ones (Right here Right now, Weapon of Choice etc)
  • Aerosmith (Crazy, Hole in my Soul, etc anybody?)
  • November Rain (and some more GnR)
  • Jeremy - Pearl Jam
  • Moby - Porcelain, why does my heart feel so bad
  • and some more which are at the edge of my memory...

There are SO many videos which I think have been botched up! But Im not going to list them here.

go ahead, list some of your favorite vidoes!

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