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Ages...but why

Yes, its been AGES since i last blogged. Dunno what came over me, but it happens. i would start on something and just wont feel like it.
Well now lots has happened and im too tired to work. Tired on a Monday you say (well maybe you dont say that coz mondays are the worst acc to many - me included. at the cost of a digression, i would like to mention this lucky frnd of mine who never goes to office on monday. takes leave that day. it is an understanding with his boss. !!) well where was I? ya...am tired today..not really tired, but in a different mood. post party mood. and why not! why not? let me explain.
Well, there was my life, going on, boring..coming to office, going home bitching about bosses and work...thats what ive been doing in the past few blogs right? then came lethargy and an unwillingnes to do things, managed work, but found it easier to speak than to write.
Digression: i think i wont make it too long a blog. i find long blogs difficult to read, and so i thin ould others.
Yeah...where was i? ...and writing about my laziness, well how many people are there who will listen to you ramble, like when you write, you get an uninterrupting nice audience who knows exactly what you feel and does not stop, or ask silly questions or you get the picture!
so there i was, this irritated ball of a person, not writing, uinable to vent out by speaking...when at last the day approached...the day i am sposed to go to delhi. thats y the post party mood. more about that in the next blogs.

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