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What makes more sense -

to love what you have or to love what you dont have, and want to have?

to enjoy something easily available because it is easily available, or to like something not easily available, but just because you like it?

to be up-to-date about somethign to make conversation, or to read up on somethign which interests you but no one talks about?

to do something because everyone does it, is the general rule of society, earns you money or to do something that doesnt earn you money, doesnt doesnt conform to society, is not generally done?

to be practical or romantic? (metaphorically)

Then, is it practical to be romantic? and is your sense of romance supported by being practical?
If you are both how much of each will make you happy? and where is that balance? Midway? Where is midway?
Which shade of grey is an exact 50-50 of black n white...or is grey not a mixture of black or white afterall, but a totally different colour?

Tags: general, global (universal), wonder

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