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I Am I said...

26th Jan...Republic Day, a holiday. 28th Jan - second saturday, a holiday, reception of a frnds wedding in Delhi. And I want to go to Delhi.
27th Jan - an office picnic planned to Diu. I almost went, then I discovered the actual ppl going: all the scientists, and their families! I opt out. Reasons?

  • My entry into sea water with all these ppl - executives, managers, scientists - will be restricted
  • Non veg consumption wil again become a problem if I dont want to be labelelled a non team person, or haughty or ... well, not social with them (which Im already considered by some...hey! no fault of mine! I just cant speak to them!)
  • Alcohol, no alcohol in Diu...not with Jain ppl!
  • No, not even my usual office gang will be able to help
  • and...the icing on the cake...i will ahve to socialise with WIVES and KIDS!!!
    *Shudder* yep, me not going! They can go ahead and party (heh...what party!) with my share of picnic budget.

Stuck since morning one two songs - as on the playlist, and am listening to them ad infinitum, well, almost...and then a song or two soemtimes in the middle, like Queen, or better still, Norah Jones

Yep, I like Neil Diamond. There is a history behind it, and that is story for another day.
Looking forward to seeing a movie - 15, Park  by Aparna Sen. As per my mom, its a good movie, not as good as her earlier ones, but good nevertherless, and handles a 'heavy' topic, pretty decently.

Come away with me in the night
Come away with me
And I will write you a song

Come away...with me....

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