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Time (Copyright)

Time. It is a relative concept, yet we set it.
It is something created while comparing the movements of two planets. YEt we count planetary movment by it.
Time. Every Second Counts
The definition of our life.

Life. How can you quantify life with respect to the movement of some bodies all around you?
If you feel 18 yrs old, and Time shows it has already been 40yrs, which Time is correct?

I feel yesterday passed too fast. Before I know it, it was evening. That time is relative to my standards. My mental make up. Time cannot fly. It is relative, remember?
It the day is moving slowly, cant it be because it is slow as far as Im concerned? Can't it be because as per my relativity and time, it is actually two (so-defined) days, and not one!

What is it that actually went into defining time.
When working on a problem for sales, marketing, strategy, name it, we take so many precautions. we have so many assumptions. For everythign we have weighted averages, and then we try and build a model to make it simple and end-user freindly, make it idiot-proof.

Why then was not the same done for one of the most important things in our lives, like Time?!

Someone decided that since there is light and no-light, one 'day' should be made up of a completion of both. Then some more calcultations and years were made.

Suppose time now became personalised. As per our situation, frame of mind, time would move accordingly. And then there be a system by which we can all understand what we are talking of. A global standard, but weighted timings for each of us.

Wouldnt efficiency and productivity increase? Wouldnt flexibility increase?

Very loosely speaking, consider the following.
If 1day can be the life of a mosquito, cannot we try and equate its every moment to our lives? Such that a mosquito can talk in terms of having lived 60yrs, vis a vis a human living 60 yrs....for after all, in their own limited spheres, and levels of exposure, both would have lived a whole life.

If it takes 14days for a larva to hatch and 9 months for a baby to be born, arent thye both undergoing the same evolution - that of becoming a discernible living being from a single cell.

And this is just on the physiological basis. Consider this on a mental basis for each human...Now that is what I would call perfection in timing.

Time waits for everyone...we just have to realise which time.

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11th Jan, 2006 11:20 (UTC)
rather smashing
post what!.. let me see, if we can add some fuel to the time concept. contrary to your conclusion, tremendous work has been done in creating models of time and the universe, in fact an entire branch of physics, is devoted to it, time starts behaving rather weirdly at the quantum level, together with the speed of light, and the space-time continuum, time starts to approach the event horizon and thereby infinity. A definition of a day, is different on different planets, and even on different latitudes of our own earth, a diurnal variation is the easiest way to keep track of time, now how about if you dint see the sun for a long while?, a day would be 4 6 months long, would we continue to call it a day?.. like everything else in science, time started as a hypothesis, but luckily there was a constant measure, the sun or the moon or the stars, and in that sense is sort of personalized.
However i agree with you on most of your post, and whoa! good one at that, made me think...
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