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Its been long. Rather, its been sometime since i wrote.
The reason may be a list of things to do which I dont want to do. So whats new eh?
Meanwhile, the Sun shines brighter, the woolens are required lesser and lesser, the wind is pleasant, taking bath in morning is easier, and so is waking up...
Yes, Summers are coming! Sigh...too soon.

THe weather today is different though. It is humid...like the days of rain, where it is pleasant, humid, not too cold nor hot, you get the idea.

I still have tons of things to do, me and my silly commitments to silly bosses. Anyway, they have to get done sometime! ;)

Today after eons i will be going to a childs bday party... a 5yrs olds bday. Post office. Topis of hot discussion is, what should bet he gift? WHat do 5yr olds play with?? I vote for a pack of plasticine...its safe, and even I would play with it!

Meanwhile yesterday I spent battling at home with a laptop. Battling you say? Yes. Battling. You see, I wanted to enumerate the songs in all the CDs I have. So I tried using winamp at home. Result...the laptop dint have winamp. Duh! So I looked up all my old CDs, and Voila! I find winamp...2.8 and 3 BEta!! Both of them dont have "Generate HTML" feature. So I call Sash.
Eventually I decide on saving playlists, and converting to HTML in office (on wise suggestion of Sash). Finally.

then I decide to watch the movie Flavors. Yippee! I think.
But Twas not to be. THe file was .avi, and soemhow, I could not locate the requisite player, from my repertoire. DivX and DivX Codec just didnt work. In the end rummaging through all my CDs would be too much effort. So I let it be.
Watched a little Godfather, which happened to be in the office laptop (whee!!) and played a flash game, and slept.

Today when I ask M to try and get the playlists copied onto a comp, well, it is found that only a pen drive can be used, and (sigh) all, repeat all pen drives are with different ppl who are out of the company campus now!! Bad luck. All that work for nothing!
Now Ill have to do that one day in office, if I manage to get my CDs here!

Thats it for now...better do some kaam.

Meanwhile, it is honeymoon season this yr, not just marriage. More on that later.


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18th Jan, 2006 10:42 (UTC)
he he
plasticine is a good option for the kid and honestly boys are always happy with a toy car or a plane.. , and btw have you tried to connect your laptop to the network and copy your files to your machine if not a pen drive?, i m suggesting in case you havent thought of it and have the option on the machine.:)
19th Jan, 2006 03:56 (UTC)
Re: he he
that boy was given a train set last yr, replete with tracks. he broke it within a week. the cake was a doll-cake. the doll was disintigrated before the cake was finished. im glad we dint give a toy. simply put - a waste.
laptop to network..yep that was tried, but not so possible because of some reason. M did the trying since it was with her at HO...and not me in RnD, where anythign would be impossible.
25th Jan, 2006 06:29 (UTC)
Posted late
D...what do I say..I know its been disappointing for you.
My only bright spots of the day are highest scores in Dynamite, and when I punch out :) ;)
Meant to comment on your last blog, but couldnot...
will do so... tomorrow maybe :)
But it was a good one

P.S. Its sort of Filler comment :D
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