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Some things

How time flies. Sorry to come back to that, but it is such a sudden realisation with regards to some things, that I just had to write that.
days go by, but how long its been is really not understood till you sit down and count. Sort of like money.

Around a week or two ago, when I asked for my leave status for the 3/4th time, the HR guy, true Indian way said, like money, leaves reduce the more you count them.
Well, I dont know about leaves, but days sure do! The more you hang on to them, like water in a desert, reduce faster. But the problem here is, even if you give up and forget, it still passes, and before you know it...!

Its been a busy few days at work, where my bosses and their bosses have suddenly rediscovered my presence in the organogram :), as they themselves start working.

Tomorrow is a holiday (Yipppeee!!!) thanks to Republic Day. But...its also 'treat' time from my colleagues who went and got themselves engaged some time ago...movie n dinner. Dinner was supposed to be today, but it got postponed to tomorrow. Ah woe. WOuld have preferred i got it out of the way tonight.
Then there is a bday party (sans alcohol please!) of another colleague on saturday. I mean....saturday??! well.

Meanwhile, need I mention the blocking spree of IT? Nah...even Im bored of writing about them.
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