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Why do we dream? How do we remember what we dream? SOme say we remember only bad dreams, that we always have good dreams.
In India, they say early mornig dreams often come true. If you remember them...
Deja-vus are something I am quite ...well...familiar with now. Still end up feeling just as eerie and helpless, but well, something Im more used to by know.

Interpretation of dreams. Freud or not, this has always been something of interest. Freud merely helped in quantifying this hitherto unresearched field in western science. Saying dreams are manifestations of past experiences put together, to identify some internal 'need'.

But whats interesting is the itnerpretation offered by most ppl nowadays, where dreams 'foretell' the coming circumstances. How our unconcious taps into our mind, and tries to make us aware of changes our concious mind just cannot grasp. Of how the unconcious mind tells us of the future.

Which brings me to...future telling with dreams. Is it really reliabel? but then how many tools are reliabe? In which case what is this whole funda of future telling eitherway? And dreams telling you stuff about yourself?

I mean cant a person have some respite even in sleep? without some analysis/ thinking/ deeper meaning cropping up!

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