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In the 1960-70's, rock and pop stars sang. and the crowd cheered. The same happened in the 80s, 90's and even today...yet there is a subtle difference.
In yesteryears, you would hear the crowd cheer to sweet melodies of the beatles, and the wonders...the crowd, mostly female (judjung by the voicce quality) would shriek, shout and bring the house down, with "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"!!!!
There would be some wannabes who would swoon...and throught he song you would hear women shouting (gasping?) out the male singers name, and shrieking, and trying to out do each other in swooning. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Then there were the comparitively silent concerts. With candles/flames...u get the picture.

Today. the shouts are froma mixed croud. No, Im not saying thats because of the homosexual presence, but more becuse of interest in the music, in different ways. So you hear both male and female voices shouting in the crowd. and there are Whistles. Lost of whistles.
The type of shout ahs also modified. its more of a
"WHOAAAAAA!!!" variety. rather than opening the mouth to emit a loud pitched "AAA", or a wolf-like howl of "OOOH", its now a modification of the ubiquitious "wow" to a "WHOOOOAAA". and singing along. and whistling. The claps remain common.

The pitch has changed, and it may be a denotation of the present times.
From a time of show of emotion, and likes and dislikes, there is moderation in todays world. From a time of flamboyance and exaggeration, the time for the understated seems to have reared its head again.

How you show appreciation is dependant upon the society. And society changes over time.

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7th Feb, 2006 10:58 (UTC)
very nice observations.
7th Feb, 2006 11:08 (UTC)
rather startling
observations, in fact i played back a few live songs to check up on them, and you seem to be spot on,comparing the albums of pink floyd from the wall to pulse, you can make out that the crowd loves them, but the cheering is sorta uniformly low key in pulse, 10 years on.
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