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One would think that to be such an elaborate topic, but i guess the length of this blog would take care of that! Sad how if many things happen to you, its difficult to write about all of them in as much details that you would want to. a small thing hapens, and you relish every bit of it, break it down to little peices and enjoy every bit. but when you have too much of a good thing, well you dont have that luxury!
so then i left office. rather i thought of leaving office. train leaves the station at 1745, and it takes around 30 mins to reach stn from office. so i left my desk at 1715, but went to someone to get a book. and eventually left the building at 1730! I actually asked the auto wallah "aapka auto theek chalta hai na?" to which he was like...are you in a hurry? i said YES! im missing a train! and off we went....bang into every possible red light!
so I reach the station only to remember all i have in my whole huge contraption called purse is loose change and a 500 note! as i jump out of auto telling driver to arrange change somehow, the train whistles! i rush to this man getting down another auto and say 'please! do you have change?' the nice guy that he was (Goodness bless him) gave me change! so i paid the auto and RAN.to cut the runing story short, i got up on a moving train. the rest of the journey was uneventful.
in delhi, Vinky picked me up from the station (using the phrase in its innocent old world reference).and so my adventures in Delhi began. Was it good to be back in the bustle of a metro! its so different and organised compared to a small city bustle.
well, went shopping for a gift for the wedding and had a nice time...no shoppiong was not nice as such, but overall the day was nice.being with vinks and all. it was a continuous party. every afternoon and night. this particular night post partying with spikey was spent talking with vinky. next day sash arrived and it was good to be with him after 1.5 yrs. then we went to richards wedding, and were late. but no harm done, it was just a blessing ceremony since his wife is a sikh (the religion - punjabi). so it was fine. then we roamed around, and came back for reception and repented not bringing the frmal wear we had thought of getting in the first place for the reception.
well what after that? spent the whole night chatting to sash. next day i posed to leave town, but vinky and now enter Prayag - convince me to stay. not even cancel my train tickets, i have to come by flight and the idea gets me bugged. but never mind, i thoroughly enjoyed myself last evening, and its my nature i suppose to crib about things when they cant go my way. in this case me taking the train. plus ive got a miserly streak in me. so there. but its over, and well, im happy i was there. went to TCs and danced like crazy! went to sleep at 2 am or so in Apu's apartment with all the rest, and left his place for the airport at 4am! reached ahmedabad drowsy and sleeping at every given opportunity. slept at home till 9, rushed and got ready to reach office on time...only to realise how bad im feeling. so barely working, taking it easy. and blogging after ages.
Lovely evening it was yesterday, it was good to have everyone i know and like around me at once, and happy after so long - Vinky, Sash, Apu, Prayag. Rahul (Saddy) was also good to have there. become close to him in his distinct detached way sice i moved here. only person not there in the picture was richard, and shobhu eitherway enjoys himself in a very different way.
had to write about it, but when u actually come down to it, you cant write emotions in details :)
PS - got mehendi done, and its turned out pretty dark even though i dint keep it on for more than 20 mins or so.very dark in fact. a nice reddish dark.

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25th Oct, 2004 10:13 (UTC)
couldnt agree more, havent had such fun in ages.. and it felt sooo good
to be amongst ppl u want to be with, i guess piggy made our day when he ensured we didnt entrain in delhi.. and apu and saddy being there along with us, topped it i guess.
btw.. sardars are spelled sikhs in english, and not necessarily sick :)..

arrived an hour late, growled at the aging stewardesses on the plane.. next time i will fly Jet for sure. Bow wow wow!

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