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Tickle me Silly?

D, when it comes to email, you're a Connector

If we asked your friends and family, chances are they'd tell us that email was invented just for you. Maybe it's because email is the perfect complement to your already outgoing personality. Or maybe it's just another excuse to spend time with friends instead of tackling that growing pile of work on your desk. (Weren't you the one who got caught passing notes in 6th grade?)

In any event, if there's a get-together that needs getting together, we'd guess you're the first one to dial in, grab your buddy list, and whisk off an irresistible invite. But with so many people to see and just as many places to go, a Connector like you needs multiple email addresses you can access through one account. Just imagine if you could manage your alumni, family, and friends' emails in neat little folders. And all in one email inbox! So next time you find yourself in one email account wishing you could access another, just remember you can!

Not bad i say! Go on, see what the quiz tells u in Tickle -
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